Big Data & Analytics

What is big data and what does it mean?

For some organisations it can mean a terabyte for others a petabyte. So how can we help?

From scale out file systems to erasure coding, S3’s in-house team has the familiarity that comes with the experience of sourcing best fit solutions to manage big data and advanced analytics tools, which can transform enormous and complex data into meaningful insights.

While some organisations have approached big data through the expansion of existing infrastructure with multiple blocks and disk arrays linked to a Linux based server, traditional data processing applications offer limited capture, curation, search, storage and transfer capabilities.

Our solutions tackle these challenges head on, increasing efficiency, productivity and providing optimal performance that allows secure data collaboration as well as a streamlined process that lowers operational costs.

We offer scaled out and object based store solutions which allows private and public sector clients to benefit from comprehensive scalable data protection as well as making enhanced decisions about data trends via periodic or real time analytics tools that can be tailored to meet environment specific demands.

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