Installation & Technical Delivery

S3 are committed to maintaining our client’s business agility through an outstanding installation and technical delivery service conducted by certified, accredited and experienced engineers.

Our ability to provide a responsive service via an extensive team of multi-skilled engineers means that we can complete the most complex installation within days of receiving an order, whether in the UK or around the world.

As well as ensuring systems and solutions are optimised to create an environment that is mapped and future proofed to business requirements, end users also benefit from S3’s all-round service and the deployment of engineers who work across our Help Desk and Support teams.

This enables us to build an ongoing relationship with clients through a continuity of service and the provision of engineers who have already established environment familiarity. Our highly skilled staff can support clients with all eventualities on all technologies.

While our existing customers will testify to our excellence in this area, S3’s fully audited systems and protocols ensure that nothing is left to chance. Every installation is a managed process with the quality of our provision fundamental to our service.

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