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Unstructured data is your biggest, most vulnerable asset, and its spread all over the place. Varonis gives you visibility on premise and in the cloud and protects you from the inside out. The framework collects metadata non-intrusively, in real-time, without the need for native OS auditing. Metadata is aggregated, processed, and stored in the most efficient way possible. Users get answers immediately, without the need to wait for long-running processes. Whether Varonis is monitoring 5 or 5,000 servers, the distributed architecture allows businesses to scale their deployment using standard computing infrastructure. Varonis is software-based, can be virtualised, and uses standard hardware.

Our Express Risk Assessment will outline your problem areas, prioritise risk, and give you concrete steps to take to improve your data security.

This is non-intrusive and won’t slow you or your system down. We can monitor millions of events per day without impacting performance. A dedicated engineer will do all the heavy-lifting for you: setup, configuration, and analysis – with concrete steps to improve your data security.

How does it work? Our engineers will help you:

  • Discover and isolate in-scope infrastructure
  • Enumerate access controls and user activity
  • Identify and prioritise at-risk areas

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