SAP Data Vault


Using leading products and industry recognised methods, SaP has developed a modern solution for SAP archiving. Thanks to this development, companies can make full use of SAP’s process integrated archiving capabilities, meeting the system’s high level of performance and internal and external archiving requirements. SaP Data Vault Managed Service provides companies with an efficient means of dealing with the rapid increase in the amount of data and documents to be archived and the numerous internal and external requirements for data recovery and accessibility.

Achieve 60% Savings with SaP Data Vault for your SAP Data and Document Archiving Projects

The core components of SaP Data Vault are: a highly secure and efficient data center which is compliant with international laws and regulations; software from SaP Data Vault which monitors and manages the archive; the use of a high capacity, redundant storage system which ensures that the managed service is able to store very large volumes while making it possible to efficiently search and retrieve archived data and documents.

Based on an advanced and widely deployed SAP archiving application, the managed service offers a wide array of archiving features. For instance, a customer can use the service to archive records from their SAP databases, whilst at the same time, the same customer can use the service to digitally sign and archive print lists and documents. In order to maximise accessibility and quality, the SaP Operations Team monitor and manage the archives and infrastructure.

The Reporting Center provides customers with reports and visuals (KPI’s) on the status of the service at all times.

SaP Data Vault supports all data and document archiving scenarios:

  • Business complete transactional data is archived regularly as agreed in our SLA.
  • Automatic archiving of outgoing documents.
  • Processing of incoming documents via early late or simultaneous archiving.
  • Support for late archiving either with or without the use of barcodes.
  • The SAP archiving solution supports the storage of all document formats.

The S3 and Proceed (SaP) Data Vault Facility is one of the most technologically advanced, secure and resilient data centres in Europe. Also utilising the most efficient free air-cooling with a guaranteed PUE of 1.25, making it arguably the most energy efficient data centre in Europe. With Security of your data being our priority, it has been built as standard to a Tier 3+ configuration (with upgrade options to Tier 4) and is Business Impact Level 3 and LIST ‘X’ accredited.

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