Struggling to migrate from

disk to flash technology?

Step forward the

S3 Power of 3 Alliance

We provide an

easy no fuss migration

from disk to flash


By combining 3 of the top storage vendors we have created a flexible, simple, affordable & no fuss disk to flash migration solution

By combining 3 partners,

the S3 Power of 3 Alliance was born

Pure Storage

Pure Storage provides the power to transform your business today and pave the road to the future. Pure gives you the speed and agility you need to tackle the most demanding business and IT problems.


Catalogic Software provides full life-cycle automation and orchestration of Pure Storage FlashArray snapshots and replication.With Catalogic’s in place copy data management, Pure Storage users can make better use of their Pure technology investment by automating re-use of near real time copies of data without consuming additional capacity and without having to invest in yet another stack of infrastructure.


Cirrus Data delivers powerful and easy to use SAN based migration appliances that install within minutes for fast, simple data migrations from any fibre channel storage, local or remote. Appliances have been lab tested for successful disk-to-flash migrations with Pure Storage Arrays.