Western Digital

WD®, a Western Digital brand, is a leading global data storage brand that empowers people to create, manage, experience and preserve digital content on a range of devices. Millions around the world put their trust in WD-brand products which in turn enable them to be in control of their content and give our customers the assurance and confidence they can re-experience and relive those moments they have saved on our devices in the future.


Western Digital Intelliflash

Consolidate your application workloads onto Western Digital’s IntelliFlash enterprise flash storage platform. Built on a next-gen solid-state storage architecture, IntelliFlash arrays support different grades of storage media including NVMe, all-flash, and hybrid flash while intelligently managing the placement of data to maximise performance and economics. In a single flash storage platform, IntelliFlash arrays enable dramatic acceleration of data access across SAN and NAS protocols, protect data from accidental disasters, and deliver significant capacity savings through selectable in-line data reduction, making them ideal for your entire organisation. Make your data come alive and watch your business transform and thrive with IntelliFlash arrays.


Customers are struggling with 50% growth in unstructured data such as sensor, log, video, audio, email, and many data types. ActiveScale provides a cost effective, scalable solution for unstructured data. For customers seeking to facilitate a data forever architecture, ActiveScale provides an economic way to support for long term retention of data. Data is increasingly perceived as a critical enterprise asset and ActiveScale is designed with extreme data durability to make sure the integrity of that data is preserved and available when needed. Additionally, Western Digital’s vertical innovation from NAND and HDD to systems enables us to provide outstanding economics that empower customer data strategies.

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Western Digital

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