Tegile is pioneering a new generation of affordable feature-rich storage arrays that are up to 7X faster and require up to 75% less capacity than standard arrays. IT departments use these Zebi arrays to reduce the cost and increase the performance of demanding virtualisation, file share and database applications.

Tegile Zebi Storage Arrays

Tegile’s Zebi storage arrays are built by taking reliable, highly available hardware building blocks from the industry and combining them with the Zebi technology to balance performance, capacity, features and price.

Our software simplifies administration and optimises storage for various applications including virtualisation, file services and databases.

Our hardware provides high performance at low cost: Quad-core Xeon processors, significant memory, sizable read and write caches using flash, multiple networking interfaces, dual power supplies and hot disk spares.

And by providing all-inclusive pricing for features such as auto-snapshot, auto-replication, near-instant recovery, on- or offsite failover, and virtualisation management, we’ve simplified software licensing at 1/5th to 1/8th the price of storage incumbents.

  • Solution Optimisation: Storage systems should be aware of applications and the unique demands they place. The storage system should configure and optimise itself based on the application that uses it. Tegile's intelligent arrays do that - automatically!
  • High Capacity, High Speed, Low Cost: Faster storage is the key to managing higher transaction volume and an increasing number of simultaneous users. Standard hard disk-based arrays offer capacity at a low cost, but they cannot keep up with today's performance requirements. Solid state disks deliver high performance, but cannot deliver the required capacity at a reasonable cost. Tegile's hybrid systems deliver high capacity, high speed and low costs.
  • Data Protection: Of course, data needs to be protected, but should the need arise the data needs to come back online quickly. Tegile Zebi arrays make that possible with auto-snapshot, auto-replication, near-instant recovery, on - or offsite failover.
  • Scalability: Storage needs keep growing so today's storage platform needs to be ready for tomorrow's needs. Tegile's arrays are ready.

Zebi Datasheet

Zebi Whitepaper

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