Hedvig reduces enterprise storage costs by 60% while accelerating the migration to cloud. The Hedvig Distributed Storage Platform is the only software-defined storage solution built on a true distributed system, enabling customers to keep pace with scale-out applications and the velocity of change in today’s business climate. Hedvig storage gets better and smarter as the system scales.

The Hedvig Distributed Storage Platform combines block, file, and object storage for bare metal, hypervisor and container environments – all in a platform that scales predictably and dynamically with off-the-shelf x86 and ARM servers. The platform consists of three primary software components: The Hedvig Storage Service, the Hedvig Storage Proxy, and the Hedvig APIs. The Hedvig Storage Service features a patented distributed systems engine that powers elastic, flexible storage with the capabilities you expect from an enterprise-class solution. You simply provision Virtual Disks – each customizable by protocol, capacity, protection, and a range of storage services for a perfect fit with your applications. The Hedvig Storage Proxy provides a lightweight access and client-side caching layer that runs as a guest VM or Docker container. Every feature of the Hedvig Distributed Storage Platform is available to cloud and application developers via RESTful application programming interfaces (API).

S3 are one of a few CloudScale partners in the UK. By S3 partnering with Hedvig it ensures we can deliver you with a new, modern storage infrastructure that helps you to move faster and compete better.