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EMC Unity

EMC launch EMC Unity

Posted: 04/05/16

At EMC World 2016, held in Las Vegas, EMC have launched their new product EMC Unity.

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Scale-Out Storage 2.0

Why Scale-Out Storage?

Posted: 05/02/13

S3’s Head of Business Development – Gurdip Kalley – explores the benefits of Scale Out storage and how this technology can create service predictability around cost, performance and management of IT infrastructure.

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What does Big Data mean to you?

Posted: 10/12/12

S3’s Business Development Manager Gurdip Kalley answers this question at IP EXPO along with other industry experts in a seminar session held to discuss this year’s favourite topic ‘Big Data’.

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Big Data Lifecycle

What is Big Data?

Posted: 20/11/12

Big Data seems to be another “buzz phrase” flying around these days following in the footsteps of Information Lifecycle Management (ILM), Virtualisation and Cloud Computing etc.

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S3 Ltd

Storing Information for the Long Term

Posted: 11/09/12

Many organisations are struggling to cope with the increasing need to manage and retain large quantities of data, have you thought about archiving and what you should consider?

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The Journey to Nirvana

Posted: 25/11/10

Knowing where you’re going is one thing but understanding where you’re starting from is rather more important.

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Storage Efficiency

Posted: 19/01/10

As Life Sciences event approaches I’ve been looking into our theme for the day – Storage Efficiency.

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Tiered storage

Posted: 06/10/09

The definition of tiered storage (assigning different categories of data to different categories of storage) seems like it would be a logical process that shouldn’t require anything special to make it work.

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How much is a Terabyte?

Posted: 24/09/09

For those of you with an IT brain the answer to this question could be 1,024 Gigabytes. For those with a marketing brain the answer is probably 1,000 Gigabytes. However there is a third answer…

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