Tintri VMstore: The end of storage complexity

Tintri VMstore: The end of storage complexity

01/02/13 | in: Tintri

Imagine storage that actually empowered you to do more. What would that look like?

Traditional storage platforms rely on legacy architectures built over 20 years ago. Not only are they outdated, they are fundamentally flawed when it comes to meeting the demands of today’s increasingly virtualised environments. It’s time for a new idea.

Tintri VMstore is flash based purpose-built storage appliance designed exclusively for virtualised server and desktop environments, which won the ‘Best of VMworld 2012’ Gold Award in the Hardware for Virtualisation category.

Tintri delivers 99% of all IO from low-latency flash, and eliminates the complexity associated with traditional shared storage.

Founded by the engineering leader who pioneered VMware’s products, Kieran Harty, Tintri’s VMstore takes storage management and provisioning to a new level of simplicity, giving you unprecedented control over your virtual environment:

  • Instant VM bottleneck visualisation identifies performance trouble spots at the hypervisor, network, and storage level in one easy interface.
  • VM auto-alignment increases performance and saves hours of work.
  • 10GigE mounted, NFS presented, and 75,000 IOPs (equivalent to over 800 × 15k disks).
  • Set-up in minutes with 13.5 TB of usable storage in a single datastore (3U node).
  • A unique “fuel gauge” gives you immediate visibility to both the available storage capacity and performance headroom on any Tintri VMstore appliance.

With Tintri there are NO RAIDS and NO LUNS to configure. Tintri can sustain hundreds of server and desktop VMs (concurrently) with no performance starvation between workloads. Inline de-dupe and compression from Tintri VMstore bring new storage economics and a previously unachievable price point for SSD / Flash.

With per VM visibility of your estate including metrics like per VM / vDisk IOPs, throughput and latency, Tintri gives you back the insight you lose when virtualising application. This insight is not limited exclusively to storage performance, Tintri can also report on the physical host performance and network performance so it monitors the whole VM stack.

This purpose built “VM-aware” storage appliance is a major technology shift from traditional storage architecture and file system design, which enables you to virtualise challenging applications like Oracle, SQL, Exchange, ERP, CRM with total confidence and visibility of performance.