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The Journey to Nirvana

25/11/10 | in: Storage

Knowing where you’re going is one thing but understanding where you’re starting from is rather more important.

So many of our clients have a vision of where they want to be, regarding their data management and storage strategies, and spend countless hours examining and evaluating products to deliver their chosen strategy. It always surprises me how little they know about their current environment.

Of course it takes time and effort to understand all the storage assets within your organisation and how they are used, but it is worthwhile spending the time to understand what you have otherwise you risk making incorrect assumptions and let’s face it – decisions based on assumption are rarely accurate.

So how do we achieve an accurate understanding of our data estate and it’s usage? You either use a software product, engage a consultancy or both. There are products that can audit your file estate, follow usage patterns and report on exceptions even to the point of preventing illegal file types from being stored on specific storage systems. In fact these tools are so powerful that they can not only look at the data but also the performance of the servers and systems, it’s protection and even the data links and resilience.

They are not difficult to use and should really be considered the starting point for any data management project.

You don’t buy a house without a survey so why wouldn’t you survey your data before developing a strategy to manage it.