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Storage Efficiency

19/01/10 | in: Storage

As Life Sciences event approaches I’ve been looking into our theme for the day – Storage Efficiency.

When it comes to storage, the Holy Grail is to be able to offer lots for little, or as I heard it put yesterday “A blue chip solution at potato chip prices”! However, even with the best intentions you can’t avoid the fact that good, reliable and feature rich storage has a premium attached to it. Storage Efficiency is one way to justify that premium.

With the upgrade to a new system you instantly see efficiencies – hardware today is more efficient than that of three years ago. If you couple with that the features often seen as standard in a storage platform today e.g. Snapshots, MAID, Deduplication, Thin Provisioning – you can make substantial savings in power, cooling, and physical disks required.

In a financial climate where all spend must be justified and a global climate which is urging us to use less power, Storage Efficiency has an important part to play.