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S3 Technology Note - Doing More With Less, Using Real-time data compression to reduce data volumes

07/05/09 | in: General

According to The Storage IO Group “the combination of growing demand for electricity by data centres, density of power usage per square foot, rising energy costs, strained electricity generating and transmission (G&T) infrastructure and environmental awareness prompted the passage of a new law in The United States that instructed the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to report to Congress on the state of IT data centres energy usage in the United States.”

“In August 2007 the report to Congress included findings that IT data centres consumed about 61 billion kilowatt hours (kWh2) of electricity in 2006 at an approximate cost of about $4.5 billion dollars. It also reported that IT data centres on average consume 15-20 times or more energy per square foot than a comparable office building space. Without changes in electricity consumption and improved efficiency, the EPA is estimating that IT data centre power consumption will exceed 100 billion kWh by 2011 further stressing an already strained electrical power G&T infrastructure and increasing previously high energy prices.”

We are using their American figures because we have no European comparison – but if it is happening there……….

That focused our attention onto de-duplication, which we have referred to often in these S3 Technology Notes, and on compression which tends to be overlooked because it has been around for along time and some recent developments seem to have passed relatively unnoticed.

A new data storage solution from StorWize delivers lossless real-time compression, done on the fly and not as a background task, with no performance penalty. Compression reduces the size, or footprint, of the data, which in turn reduces I/O traffic. By being application agnostic, the StorWize compression solution can be used across a broad set of applications to maximize data footprint reduction benefits without adding complexity or increasing processor utilisation.

StorWize can be used effectively alongside de-duplication technology. Using real-time compression for on-line active data is complementary to the use of de-duplication techniques for inactive or backup data as part of a total data footprint reduction strategy. Backup data is compressed prior to de-duping enabling even higher data footprint reduction ratios and storage usage efficiency. The result is a less complex, more efficient environment able to meet performance, storage capacity, application availability and energy efficiency goals in a cost effective manner.

The power consumption problems confronting enterprises are related to both finances and infrastructure. In terms of IT infrastructure, an opportunity exists to deliver energy-efficient systems and power management tools that enable companies to reduce the growth rate in energy consumption within the data centre. IDC claim that “StorWize offers a technology that can help its customers meet storage, economic, and environmental data centre concerns”. For you it’s a double win, enabling you to meet corporate social responsibility goals for CO2 emissions and reduce the costs of energy consumption and real estate footprint.

To learn more about how StorWize technology can help you call Dean on 0870 7776111 and he will arrange for an S3 specialist to visit you.