Customer Support Profile

S3 Customer Support Profile

29/04/13 | in: General

The S3 support team pride themselves on being the go to person for our Support Advantage customers. In this article we ask a long standing S3 customer – Terry Robertson at AXA Wealth how having the S3 Support Team available 24/7 helps him with his everyday technical issues.

How long have you worked with S3?

We have been a customer of S3’s for 8 years.

How big is your environment?

We currently have 2000 users with 2000 VM’s

How does the s3 support desk assist you, also how would you rate their knowledge and responsiveness?

They assist in Storage, Netbackup EV & NetApps. Their response time is good, either via e-mail or over the phone. Their engineers are trained & certified in the 4 main areas mentioned previously. Over the recent years they have assisted with software upgrades, raising support calls on our behalf, troubleshooting all manner of errors (onsite, on the phone or by remote session) new storage, the sizing of new storage and installation and the installation of new hardware.

What do you feel are the main benefits to being a Support Advantage customer?

We always have instant access to S3 Technical and their wealth of experience and knowledge who can assist or can find a man who can.

Do you see the S3 Support Advantage team helping you to improve and refine your current storage infrastructure needs into the future?

Yes, having a long term support structure with S3 who understand how our current infrastructure helps us to make the right decision when it comes to planning and implementing future changes.

Why become a Support Advantage customer?

Being a Support Advantage customer brings a whole host of benefits. If your storage environment fails our expertise and onsite engineers with the right skills are only a phone call away 24/7.

You can use our specialists to help you make the right decisions when it comes to planning and implementing new infrastructure changes.

If you are interested in becoming an S3 support advantage customer or would like some more information then please contact us at S3 to discuss your individual requirements.