S3 Joins Gridstore Accelerate Partner Program

S3 joins Gridstore’s UK Accelerate Partner Program

10/04/14 | in: Gridstore

Gridstore is the leader in optimized storage for Windows Servers and Hyper-V that accelerates application I/O. Unlike traditional, one-size-fits-all storage systems that result in wasted storage resources and compromised application performance, Gridstore uses patented Server-side Virtual Contoller™ technology (SVCT) to deliver vmOptimized™ Storage that self-optimizes to each application or VM across both virtual and physical environments in mid-sized enterprises. By combining SVCT with a grid architecture, Gridstore delivers the first end-to-end storage QoS to ensure your most important App or VM performance is never compromised. Gridstore allows you to Pay-as-you-Scale to meet your specific needs and grows more powerful as it grows larger simply by adding storage nodes.

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