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S3 08XPO hailed as a great success by vendors and guests

02/05/08 | in: Event Roundup | by: Stacey Cole

Every year thousands of people visit Storage Expo at Olympia. They trek around dozens of stands trying to find the ones that matter, maybe go to a presentation or two and then queue for food or spill out into the local hotels to queue for it there. S308XPO took the effort, discomfort and speculation out of that experience.

We selected a group of best in class vendors, including today’s market leaders and new technology innovators with the products that we expect to break through into the mainstream market. Our partners, customers and independent analysts delivered interesting presentation content that was directly relevant to the needs we meet day in and day out when talking to our customers.

To make it that bit more special we selected a great venue as a meeting point where our guests were not crushed, were able to discuss business issues with other storage technology users and vendors and were able to relax on a tour of the magnificent Wembley Stadium.

Many vendors said this was the best event of its type they had attended.

Naveed Malik of NetApp commented:

“S3 has delivered a unique and exciting forum for storage technology users and vendors to meet in a busy yet relaxed environment.”

That was our aim and we are glad it succeeded.

If you weren’t able to come you missed a great event, but please take a look at the presentation materials. If you want to discuss any of it please call 0870 7776111. We look forward to meeting you all again at S3 09XPO.