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Solve your Mobile File Access and Dropbox Challenges with Oxygen Cloud

27/11/12 | in: Oxygen Cloud

Public file storage and sharing services such as DropBox and an increasing pressure to support mobile devices such as iPhone and iPad in the workplace are causing many challenges for IT. Everyone has a smartphone or tablet and wants anywhere, any device access to their files – they have it at home, why can’t they have it in the work place?

The majority of IT departments we speak to do not have a mobile file access solution so users have started utilising consumer services such as Dropbox and Google Drive in order to access and share their files across different devices. This has created a big problem for IT as the company loses visibility and control of the data. This is especially problematic where companies need to protect their intellectual property, secure sensitive information and protect against data loss.

Consumer cloud services are neither secure nor manageable by IT, you can’t help but see the regular news articles about consumer cloud service outages or security breaches. Mobile device usage in the enterprise is on the increase, much research is suggesting that a very high percentage of organisations are testing and deploying iPads or other portable devices. Do you have a solution to support mobile file access in your organisation?

S3 has recently found a solution that can help address this challenge, Oxygen Cloud. Oxygen Cloud gives IT a solution that can utilise their own local private storage (local server storage, SAN, NAS or Object), support different end user devices, provide access to company files and offer a way for IT to manage everything including user authentication. By keeping the solution in-house and private, it means that IT does not have to upload their data into a public cloud service nor create copies of the data in third party data centres and be concerned about third party service level agreements, downtime and security.

Users can easily access and share their files from Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad and Android devices

All files on Oxygen Cloud are encrypted from data centre storage through to the end point device and only decrypts when an authenticated user and device has the right permissions to access and edit the data. Users can easily access and share their files from Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad and Android devices with the peace of mind that important files are safe and secure.

Using Oxygen is simple for the user. A virtual drive allows a native user experience on the device with little to no change in normal workflow and behaviour. Fast file synchronisation synchronises files across all devices and groups of people for file sharing and collaboration. For IT, integration with Active Directory behind the company firewall, gives complete control over authenticating Oxygen Cloud users and centralised management gives visibility and control over user rights, file policies and storage devices.

If you want to find out how Oxygen Cloud could empower you to offer your users a service they want and eliminate the use of insecure third party cloud file storage services such as Dropbox, please contact your S3 Account Manager. Use your existing storage and infrastructure, protect company intellectual property and support ‘Bring your Own Device’ (BYOD) and mobile access needs. Get secure, anywhere, any device access.