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NetApp S Family available from 15th August

07/05/09 | in: NetApp

The S Family (formerly StoreVault®) storage platform fits in Midsize Enterprise, as well as in large Enterprises with large numbers of Remote Office and Branch Office locations typically replicating to a core FAS.

The S Family enables midsize companies instantly to reduce storage costs by:

  • Reducing devices by 50% (combine file servers and SANs).
  • Regaining wasted capacity.
  • Eliminating backup, restore, disaster recovery pains.

S Family also eases adoption of technologies enabling affordable implementation of:

  • Off-site DR solutions.
  • Disk-based backup that works.
  • Virtualisation of desktops and servers.
  • For midsize enterprise the S550 can be placed in an IT rack and can host storage
  • for a complete range of solutions, including file serving, server virtualisation, and disk–based backup for disaster recovery – on a low budget.

In Remote Office/Branch Office (ROBO) most problems result from central IT management struggling with integrating and managing the data in remote offices. The S550 is an excellent choice for centralising data and moving it efficiently across a WAN to a central location.

To learn more about the NetApp S Family please call 0870 7776111 and we will arrange for an S3 specialist to visit you.