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27/11/12 | in: Arkivum

Last month we wrote about storing information for the long term and some of the areas you should consider, as archiving is not just about the physical storage device. To help address our customers’ requirements for long term archiving and preservation, after a lot of research and due-diligence, S3 recently partnered with Arkivum, a specialist service provider in the field of digital preservation.

Arkivum provides a data archiving service with an insurance backed guarantee of data integrity no matter how long data is stored for. The service stores files and provides a simple file-system interface to allow files to be copied into and out of the archive whenever the customer demands.

Arkivum Active Archive Diagram

Behind the scenes, best preservation practice is used to store the files. Three copies are made of every file and these are stored securely in three separate locations: two copies are online in tape libraries in separate datacentres and the third copy is offline and held in escrow by an independent third party.

Diversity is used throughout the system to guard against risks of data loss, for example using different storage media from different manufacturers. Open specifications and standards are used to ensure vendor-independent long-term accessibility to the data, for example the escrow copy uses LTO/LTFS and open source tools for file retrieval and verification using checksums.

The customer is charged for storage used on a per TB per month basis with discounts for commitment and volume. At the extreme end of the commitment discounts is Arkivum’s Forever Price, where a single up-front payment secures storage for 25 years on a rolling contract with no-fee renewal.

Arkivum was formed as a spin-out from the University of Southampton IT Innovation Centre which has a world-class reputation in the field of digital preservation and has been working, for over a decade, with public and private sector organisations across Europe to develop best practice for the safe keeping of digital data over the long term.

On-going links to IT Innovation means Arkivum has direct access to state-of-the-art research that helps Arkivum meet commitments to our customers. This is complemented by a team at Arkivum that brings strong software skills together with in-depth experience in data centre operations and robust and reliable storage system implementation.

If you’d like to find out more about the service and how you can store and preserve data for the long term (and never worry about backups, storage media refresh, technology obsolescence, capacity requirements or disaster recovery etc. again) please contact your S3 Account Manager.

Mark Treweeke

Posted by: Mark Treweeke - Solutions and Services Consultant A recent addition to the S3 team, Mark has a background in enterprise storage, backup and cloud services. Twelve years of solution design and seven years of cloud backup experience has given Mark a comprehensive understanding of both onsite and cloud solutions and the challenges that exist for organisations looking to embark on their ‘cloud journey’. Mark will be developing S3’s range of relevant cloud services, ensuring S3 continues to meet the business requirements of its valued client base.