It pays to be green! S3 install EcoCooling system from Vent-Tech

18/05/11 | in: Technological Developments

S3 installed an EcoCooling system from Vent-Tech, offering a completely natural way of cooling the data centre.

“Usually being environmentally responsible costs more but with Vent-Tech’s advice we secured an interest free loan from the Carbon Trust meaning we could buy and run the EcoCooling system for 50% of our previous monthly electricity costs. It will be paid for in less than 2 years and then electricity savings rocket to 90%.” – Mark Smith, Technical Director, S3

S3 benefits from swapping their traditional energy hungry air-conditioning system to the low carbon, energy efficient, evaporative cooling system for data centre cooling. With potential energy savings of up to 90%, most evaporative cooling systems have a pay back period of 18 months. With energy prices constantly on the rise now is the time to swap from high cost high maintenance traditional air conditioning systems to the low carbon low maintenance evaporative cooling systems.

“We now have a system that delivers fantastic savings and is great for the environment too. I fail to see any downsides to the system.” – Mark Smith, Technical Director, S3

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