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How much is a Terabyte?

24/09/09 | in: Storage

For those of you with an IT brain the answer to this question could be 1,024 Gigabytes. For those with a marketing brain the answer is probably 1,000 Gigabytes. However there is a third answer…

When people start looking for high capacity storage they often have a price in mind. How this number manifests itself is often as “price per Terabyte”. This number is dropping on a monthly basis and the introduction of 2TB drives to the market has hastened its fall. This has made high capacity, low cost storage systems a reality and I am testing one such solution as we speak.

Essentially take 1 x motherboard, 2 x Intel Xeon processors, 16 Gig of RAM and a RAID controller. Combine this into a server chassis that can take 24 SATA drives and you have 48TB of raw storage at your fingertips. Install your preferred version of Linux on the server and you can then do anything from sharing NFS volumes to iSCSI volumes at zero extra cost!