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Environmental Responsibility

27/10/09 | in: General

The environmental consequences of the way we live and work is having a greater impact on our pockets than ever before. While the costs are important they are not the only factor. Just doing the right thing is seen by most individuals as honourable and just as important.

I choose to split my glass and paper from my general waste when I could just throw it in the same bin. I take old clothes to the clothes bank or charity bin and I’ve even had a car boot sale to sell some of my household’s junk.

I don’t do it for the money (getting £ 0.50 for an old book at a car boot sale is hardly a fortune) – I do it because it’s a great way to recycle and reuse old items that would otherwise go into landfill.

As a business we should all be working towards ISO 14001 but simple steps can be taken to recycle in a sympathetic way. Find a local charity that will take your old PCs and laptops – remove the hard drives if you really want to be safe but the systems can be re-used. Recycle paper and cardboard – it might cost a little bit extra but it’s the right thing to do.

You never know – one day the charity you donate your old IT to might just become your next customer.