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Did you know about S3 support?

11/09/12 | in: General

Here at S3 we are proud of our strong technical team and our reputation for excellent customer relationships. We are now an 8 member team who have built expertise & experience over many years. We invest heavily in extensive demo and testing facilities to maintain our technical expertise to the highest levels.

S3 Meet the team

  • Mark Smith
  • Jonathan MCcormick
  • Russell King
  • Brady Owen
  • Neil Giles
  • Mark Treweeke
  • Marc Jenkins
  • Michael Capon

How do we answer your support questions?

When you call or email us at the FREE 9 × 5 S3 support desk we manage your problem or question from that point forward to completion.

Support Desk

70% of all calls are closed by our support desk. Our experienced 9×5 team are on hand to offer a personalised service for all your queries.

Internal Specialists

For those limited questions which need more specialised knowledge, our in house technical specialists are here to provide the next level of support.

Managed Vendor Response

For those very few calls that require vendor assistance, let us manage that interaction with the vendor to achieve a speedy resolution.

Throughout this process we ensure that we keep you regularly updated. We like to talk to you – expect us to call!

Sometimes we answer your question before you even ask it!

We also provide active hardware monitoring. Every morning we check every piece of equipment supplied by S3 to ensure your back up remains healthy and available. So if there is a problem, you could be hearing from us before you’ve even arrived at the office.

If you would find out how you can get S3 support, contact us here