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De-Duplicated Nearline Storage For Netbackup

07/05/09 | in: De-Duplication

Data volumes in all organisations continue to grow relentlessly. Estimates vary between 50 – 70% a year.

Whichever way you look at it the growth rate is staggering and protecting this data, the core information that businesses rely on for growth, is a critical issue for both the IT industry and the customers whose needs it serves. It doesn’t help that these issues have to be addressed in the face of stiff budgetary constraints.

Cost effective technologies have been developed but effectively protecting the inevitable retention of many copies of the same data is a critical component of the storage volume problem for many businesses.

Traditional administration practices and conventional storage technologies are being pushed to their limits in the currently available backup environments, often leading to unsuccessful outcomes. This challenge is well known to many Symantec Net Backup (NBU) customers, and finding the right new technology to bridge the gap between current state and desired state is often a long and difficult process.

S3 believes that Data Domain provides an effective nearline storage solution for NBU customers who are faced with massive growth of backup and archive data. Data Domain’s de-duplication storage solution integrates with standard NBU to overcome the growing gap between what is required and what is actually being accomplished.

Challenges met in the NBU environment include:

  • Leveraging available storage unit resources for maximum utilization and throughput.
  • Contending with extremely large client backups
  • Eliminating redundant data backups
  • Eliminating performance bottlenecks
  • Managing and storing large amounts of tape media
  • Shortcomings of reporting disciplines.
  • Keeping up with catalogue growth.
  • Data Domain minimises unnecessary NBU data storage by the use of inline single instance data de-duplication and traditional compression.

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