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3rd Next Generation Sequencing Congress

16/11/11 | in: Event Roundup

Over 250 NGS, Genomics, Epigenetics, Metagenomics, Bioinformatics & Data Management experts from Europe.

Over 60 outstanding case studies and presentations.

2 day conference showcasing cutting edge next generation sequencing platforms, technologies, applications and computational tools for the analysis of NGS sequencing data.

Over two days, the 3rd Annual Next Generation Sequencing Congress attracted over 250 experts from both academia and pharma senior practitioners, working in all aspects of next generation sequencing including analytical genomics, computational biology, oncology, RNA profiling, molecular genomics, microbiology, nutrition, biomarkers, bioinformatics, data management and clinical & diagnostics development from Europe and America.

This prestigious event provided a forum for practitioners and researchers to learn more about key solutions being provided to their industry, analysis of current technologies and their applications, network with their peers and address key industry concerns through a series of cutting edge conference presentations and interactive exhibition room in a professional yet relaxed environment.

Download S3’s Presentation From The Event