Day to Day IT

For over 25 years S3 have been supplying Data Storage and Data Management Systems, but did you know we can help with your day to day IT needs?

We can provide you with a wide range of products and services for your IT data centre. From cleaning tapes to ensure your tapes performance, storage racks to help organise your environment to secure destruction for peace of mind.

S3 can provide:

Whether you need a standard or specialist cable – S3 can help. Working closely with our suppliers we can assure you that cables are made with quality connectors and cable, fully tested before arriving at your site and we are often able to deliver next day.

S3 can offer you bespoke training as well as scheduled training courses that are continuously updated to cover the latest products, programmes and tools.

We are able to supply media safes and fire safes designed and tested to the latest European test standards for both fire and security.

We can provide a range of media racking, media storage and media transit cases such as Turtle and Peli.

S3 have been supplying the latest storage tape technology for over 25 years. We can provide the major manufacturers like Fuji, HP, Maxell, IBM and Sony, as well as bar-coded labels to help your library remain at peak efficiency. You can rely on S3 for fast delivery when you need it!

S3 can provide collection and disposal services that are Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive certified, as well as SEG/ MOD/ Government approved data wiping services.

S3 are proud of our strong technical team and our reputation for excellent customer services. We can remove the headache of having to deal with several vendor support contracts by being your one point of contact for all support calls relating to all your storage hardware and software support contracts.