Case Study: Lloyds TSB Products & Markets

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‘S3 have provided us with the scalability, data compression and network-based capabilities we craved.’

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Lloyds TSB Products & Markets: an expanding provider of financial services. A data-hungry business whose exponential growth and ambitions was in danger of outgrowing its creaking architecture and network.

The Business

Lloyds TSB Products & Markets manages assets in excess of £300 billion for its diverse range of clients and is headquartered in the City of London. It provides advice and support for clients choosing its wide portfolio of products, such as risk management, structured investments, trade finance, capital markets, treasury services and debt and equity finance. In addition, it operates an expanding trading floor that has around 280 trading positions.


Like all other financial providers, Lloyds TSB Products & Markets finds itself under increasing audit and regulatory pressures, which bring clear obligation relating to the storage of the huge amounts of data that accumulate and require archiving. However, data must remain secure but accessible at all times so it can be retrieved with maximum expedition. Current geopolitical uncertainties require all responsible operations to invest in and develop back-up systems that will allow business activity to continue even in the event of a major natural or man-made disaster. An existing site in Chatham already functioned as a contingency/DR site, but limited bandwidth and variable data transmission rates indicated its potential inadequacy for matching Lloyds TSB Products & Market’s future business growth and expanding operations.

The Needs

Products & Markets clearly required a system that was both manageable and scalable. The prevailing system that involved ‘overnighting’ data by transporting it off-site incurred costs and was proving unfit for purpose, relying as it did on 120+ standalone DLT tape drives backing up individual servers in London. The installation of a tape-free back-up system for the London HQ was required, with the backup replicated to the Kent DR site, where data could also be archived to tape and stored off-site.

The solution

The identification of a bespoke technological solution that would best fit the client’s needs coincided with their plans to relocate to new state-of-the-art offices. S3 reviewed potential solutions before settling on Data Domain’s de-duplicating and compression storage appliances for the HQ disk-based back-up (using eight DD430 restorers). The de-duplicated and compressed data is replicated to the DR site via a low bandwidth link where it is stored on a DD 460 Disk Appliance and then on to an Quantum i2000 tape Library, managed by Symantec NetBackup.

What the customer said

“S3’s solution has proved to match our needs for scalability perfectly; it has resulted in a significant reduction in our administrative costs with the abandonment of overnighting and overcome our biggest challenges – those of low bandwidth, limited data transfer and increasing storage capacity. We have an ambitious expansion strategy and I am confident that S3 have found the right tools that will now allow me and my team to better focus our efforts on client and in-house support. We are replicating pretty much in real time now and the system they integrated makes me confident we can continue to secure our data and operate even in the most adverse circumstances.”

Colin Everett, Head of IT Strategy and Architecture at Lloyds TSB Corporate Markets

Lloyds TSB Products & Markets

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