Case Study: Ibstock Place School

Ibstock Place School, a leading independent school based in West London, has implemented Tegile’s Intelligent Flash storage to improve educational efficiency.

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Tegile passes Ibstock Place School’s storage test with flying colours

Ibstock Place School, a leading independent school based in West London, has implemented Tegile’s Intelligent Flash storage to improve educational efficiency. Inundated with growing amounts of pupil data and running out of storage capacity, the School needed a scalable, cost-effective solution to improve the speed of it slow-to-access SQL database. Impressed with the choice and advantages offered by Tegile’s tailor-made solutions, the School quickly turned to the company to alleviate its storage headache.

Examining the Issues

Catering to over 900 pupils and 120 teachers means Ibstock Place School needs an efficient and spacious storage solution. Faced with a slow loading SQL database server and access issues in a half virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) environment, the School struggled during peak hours, emails were slow and there were difficulties when attempting to access pupil data quickly. The existing supplier’s solution was toiling under the strain of pupil and teacher demands, and managing data was proving to be a real battle.

The School looked into their existing supplier’s additional storage options and also turned to the market to see what solutions other vendors were offering. After being introduced to Tegile by partner reseller S3 and reviewing its vast choice of arrays, it became clear that Tegile was the best fit for the School moving forward.

Ibstock Place School’s IT Network Manager detailed the reasons why Tegile
was preferred compared to other vendors:

“Speaking to other businesses and conducting our own research, we knew immediately Tegile was the right choice for us. The speed of its data processing, the way its system would complement our VDI environment and associated low costs were the major factors why we chose Tegile over all other vendors in the market.”

“Timing was another crucial factor as the new storage system had to be up and running within the six-week school summer holidays. Tegile were extremely quick to respond and completely reassured us that this wouldn’t be an issue. ”

Solving the Equation

To overcome its storage issues, Ibstock Place School implemented Tegile’s T2100 dual controller storage array with 48GB of memory and 600GB of SSD to improve the efficiency of its VDI environment. From start to finish the entire process took just two weeks, leaving plenty of time to spare before the school holidays finished.

“The whole process was extremely easy, and much more efficient than I was expecting. We had a Tegile engineer to help setup the VMware environment, and we were told exactly how many network and power connections were needed. We made a couple of changes to the exchange environment so emails could be sent with ease but essentially didn’t have to do much. Tegile came in and took care of all our needs. Needless to say, we were very impressed,” the IT Network Manager said.

Passing the Test

Ibstock Place School realised the benefits of its new Tegile array instantly. “We’ve saved a huge 42 per cent on capacity already. The primary difference is that our VDI client is much faster and more efficient than before. In addition to this, our thin clients and SQL database are also much quicker, and the previous downtime experienced by the School has now been eliminated. The VDI environment boots up immediately so everyone can log-in and get on with their work straight away, and as a result, we’re seeing a rise in productivity across the board. Furthermore, back office processes are easier to conduct and streamline with the performance and capacity offered from Tegile’s system.”

Looking Ahead

Having met all its storage needs and goals with Tegile’s system, Ibstock Place School now has the capacity to support itself comfortably for the next three years. As the School continues to grow and technology evolves, it can add more shelves to its existing Tegile array, instead of having to look for new products.

“The great thing about Tegile’s array is that it is expandable. Rather than having to replace it in a few years, we can continue adding capacity as and when we need it. It’s a huge weight off our shoulders,” said the IT Network Manager.

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