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The Eclectic Bar Group is a leading entertainment operator of premium bars in the UK. The company has enjoyed significant growth over the last decade to emerge as one of the UK’s most credible bar brands.

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Customer Profile

The Eclectic Bar Group is a leading entertainment operator of premium bars in the UK. The company has enjoyed significant growth over the last decade to emerge as one of the UK’s most credible bar brands. Predominantly aimed at a customer base of sophisticated students during the week and stylish young professional at weekends, the Eclectic portfolio of brands, which includes, Lola Lo, Embargo Republica, Lowlander, Dirty Blonde, Sakura, Po Na Na, Fez Club and Coalition extend nationwide to all major UK Cities and Towns.

The Entertainment Factor

When a leading UK entertainment group began talking to us about upgrading their IT capabilities it quickly emerged that S3 could support their business and range of brands by providing a next generation cloud backup and recovery service to safeguard critical business data.

Behind the lavish interiors, premium drinks, suave students and young professionals, the Eclectic group and their head of IT Richard Price, needed more from its IT. More protection, more speed, more transparency, more efficiency and crucially a lot more control.

With limited internal resource to support the IT environment, Price was also faced with the challenge of working with a growing number of remote sites with no IT resource at all. So rather than delivering an on premises backup, S3 quickly established that a centralised and managed utilities model could be developed as a best-fit solution.

Step forward SafeGUARD. A reliable, fast and secure service which eliminated the burden of traditional local backups and is cost efficient.

The Trial Period

So in practice how did this relationship evolve? Simple. We demonstrated the product over the internet, provided an end user agreement and pricing structure which had no hidden surprises and then left Richard and his team at Eclectic Bars to trial the product.

At this stage we set-up a live account and allowed the product to be trialled for around 8 weeks. Back-ups proved fast, simple, provided multiple restore options and most importantly were always 100 percent successful.

We of course knew that they would but developing relationships and collaborating in partnership with our clients ensures that we provide a fit for purpose product and end user experience that inspires confidence and peace of mind.

Three month’s on and following regular web conferences, assessments and the migration of existing data Eclectic Bars trusted our 27 years of experience, of managing and protecting critical data, by implementing S3 SafeGUARD.

Switching to SafeGUARD

The switch to SafeGuard, S3’s UK based, hybrid cloud backup service enabled Eclectic Bars to eliminate human error and potential security breaches, abandon time consuming back-ups and rationalise what can be a hugely expensive operation once backup software, storage systems, support and maintenance and power have been factored in to the equation.

Instead resources have been freed-up while Eclectic Bars remain in full control of their back-ups.

Head of IT Richard Price said: “Back-ups were fast simple and provided us with multiple restore options. The biggest factor of course was that they were always 100 per cent successful. Having that knowledge allowed us to concentrate on developing our business and not worry about our data.”

With complete freedom to choose how to manage the diversity of server and workstation backups, via a cloud or a hybrid model, files, directories and data stores are now protected automatically and as and when Richard determines.

With data stored securely off site, it’s safe and always available, even if systems fail or buildings are inaccessible and can be restored with confidence at the click of a button. As everything is managed from one central live monitoring console to marry with the utilities model recommended for Eclectic Bars, it allows Richard and other users to recover anything, anywhere and at any time.

The Professionals

Richard acknowledged that S3’s outlook had impressed him from the outset and convinced him that there are experienced “people behind the cloud”.

He continued: “The whole experience from the initial consultation, then on to the demonstrations, trials and live service has been seamless. S3 offered experience and knowledge that many cloud providers don’t provide and this is reinforced by a strong service level agreement and free 9/5 technical support.

“With SafeGUARD I am confident that I know where my data is and that it is secure and fully encrypted with private keys that only we are in possession of. Initially I thought we might have too much data for a cloud backup service but the data reduction capabilities of this service affords us the flexibility to only send a minimal amount of data to the S3 data centre, which allows us to control costs.”

How SafeGUARD Delivers


Eclectic Bars can determine their own backup schedule, frequency of backup and perform restores whenever they like.


Reduced bandwidth offers low system overheads. De-duplication and compression technology as well as a transparent consumption based pricing model controls expenditure and means you can predict the cost of backup and recovery over the year.


Eighteen systems and a mix of Windows and Mac file data, system state and MS-SQL data is safely stored.


Data is stored securely off-site, so it’s safe and always available, even if systems fail or buildings are inaccessible. Critical data can be restored quickly and with confidence at the click of a button.


The software determines what data has changed quickly. Lengthy backups and system slow-downs are no longer applicable while intelligent data reduction techniques are used to only send what has changed each day. Finding and restoring specific files is fast and simple. For large data sets a local ‘Speed Vault’ can be deployed for local recovery.


Data is encrypted using encryption keys only available to our clients before it is sent to S3. Data is sent and stored encrypted and only you have access to it.

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