Big Data Analytics

Big Data Analytics

Data analytics and data science has long been heralded as the future of service design and key to unlocking hidden profit across many a vertical market. Early adopters of the technology such as the Financial Services Industry and on-line shopping sector have seen profits explode and customer retention skyrocket as a result of increased investment in predictive analysis or trend based service development. Use of Big Data Analytics is not however restricted to the private sector, Capita Plc. has an established data science division delivering value across public sectors such as government, healthcare and social services to name a few. Shaping your customer experience or delivering in depth analysis will ultimately become a prerequisite as we move into ever more competitive markets since Brexit.

Data analytics as a means to “monetise data” depends first and foremost on an ability to identify, consolidate and rationalise those valuable pockets of information across your organisation. Legacy database driven environments such as SAP, Oracle and SQL ultimately struggle to analyse information at scale across the broad spectrum of today’s new technology environments, aspects such as IOT (Internet of things) is already impacting legacy estates tasked with data analysis. Mobile device, personal data devices, social media, unstructured data and web trends all influence the decision making outcome required for new customer services across industry.

As part of Capita Plc. S3 have developed a series of Big Data propositions aimed at simplifying the process of data discovery, data ingress, data analysis and distribution. Our BDL (Big Data Lake) solutions bring together core storage and compute aspects via dedicated Converged Infrastructure and object based scale-out storage repositories into an abstraction layer which allows the data science community to rapidly visualise and analyse key data.

Taking a pre-engineered CI platform approach, rather than build it yourself ensures core big data application stacks such as Hadoop, Splunk and NoSQL operate within a certified, compliant environment, workloads and performance metrics are quality controlled and data growth is predictable and scaled to demand. Our solutions allow for rapid adoption of big data as a strategic toolset, shaping future services and helping you to identify new revenue streams for your business.

S3 Deliverables; On premise Big Data workshops, storage identification services, consolidation and migration planning, analytics dashboard planning, data ingress planning, retention and redistribution planning, visualisation toolset design, security and compliance governance.