Cloud Services

Hosting and Co-location

As the foundation of what we do, S3 is able to offer Business Impact Level 3 (IL3) and 4 (IL4) classification data centres. We can provide granular space which equates to anything from half a rack to a complete data haul though of course our service extends beyond simply hosting and colocation.

As ever it is modelled to meet individual needs. The relocation and migration of data is a speciality for our highly skilled team, who will work with customers every step of the way to ensure that migration of data from an on premises local solution to a hosted and collocated solution is a simple rather than painful process.

If business needs require it, we can even host client equipment in a highly secure, highly resilient data centre which affords customers the protection of an enterprise grade data centre while eradicating the cost attached to the construction of an onsite server or data room.

Five Facts - Our Keys to Success


1. Security

Working to IL3 as a minimum we offer unsurpassed security capabilities, with dedicated physical, logical and cultural regimes in place.

Energy Efficient

2. Energy Efficient

Delivering rack density with sustainable lower energy costs than traditional data centres. S3 also utilises 100 ‘Green’ energy which enables clients to benefit from Carbon credit initiatives.

Flexible Partnering

3. Flexible Partnering

Carrier neutral, starting with half rack through to multiple racks, half year to multi-year contract terms available and energy provisions catering from kW to multi-Megawatt deployments.


4. Resilience

Dual power supplies with seamless automatic failover ensures that data is available all the time.

Services and Support

5. Services & Support

S3 offers a range of bespoke services no matter how large or small to support clients.

Data Centre Datasheet

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