Cloud Services

Overview - Cloud Services

S3’s cloud services have evolved to fulfil the technology needs of companies keen to remove tiers of complexity and human resource from the management of IT.

Our cloud service is designed to dynamically scale to meet any requirements. We regularly speak to clients that operate complicated IT systems managed by dedicated teams so our objective has been to produce a powerful solution to that predicament.

Providing easy, scalable access to applications, resources and services, our cloud environments are reliable, robust and extremely secure. Simple to set-up, remote back-up’s protect our clients from damage or loss and because we provide the hardware and software, IT performance remains at optimal levels.

Reducing the operating cost associated with local backups, SafeGUARD (our very own back-up service) utilises minimal bandwidth while retaining super quick data restoration.

Crucially the metrics around this solution are easy to understand so our customers have the capacity to modify their provision to address real business needs.

Why Cloud?

  • Scalable technology – to support any business.
  • High performance – Lengthy back-ups are eliminated
  • Cost efficiency – operational costs decrease
  • Transparent pricing – Structured to meet business and service needs
  • Security – Data is encrypted before S3 receives it.
  • Reliability – Back-ups are created automatically
  • Recovery – Finding and restoring specific files is fast and simple.

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