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Reliable, fast and secure back-up as a service

“Back-ups were fast simple and provided us with multiple restore options.”
—Richard Price - Head of IT, Eclectic Bars

Back-up as a service (SafeGUARD)

S3 SafeGUARD is our bespoke back-up service. Hosted in a secure data centre, it capitalises on all the security and power efficiency that come as standard while remaining a cost efficient data consolidation product.

The system allows end users to back-up and restore remotely over a secure encrypted internet connection. In the event of a catastrophe and a complete site failure our local vault option kicks-in. This ensures that data recovery is a simple and managed process and combines the proficiency of one of our fully qualified engineers alongside an encrypted drive at a disaster recovery site.

Importantly though SafeGUARD can be as flexible or scalable as needed. It provides the ability to reduce the human resource issues that surround data management, through a service that marries unsurpassable reliability with automatic functionality.

As a UK owned and based company the integrity and security of our client’s data is of paramount importance and unlike US owned providers we are not bound by the Patriot Act.

What SafeGUARD delivers

  • Scalable technology
  • High performance
  • Control & Reliability
  • Flexible pricing and financial saving
  • Security
  • Immediate data recovery

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