Is your data OK for self-defence?

Is your data OK for self-defence?

23/07/18 | by: Jack Blogg

The classic picture of the martial arts expert from a 1970s film is of the small guy advanced upon by heavies, who can clearly make mincemeat of him very quickly. He then (and in the 1970s it would have been “he”) pulverises them because he has mastered the art of turning an enemy’s strength against him.

It’s not quite the same in data protection but given the amount of coverage around Big Data and the hackers there’s a near parallel. What if you could use the data from Big Data to fortify defences rather than to arm the criminals?

You can see where we’re going with this. The answer is that you can and someone is already doing it. The people at Apache Metron have had the inspiration to gather together masses of information on data attacks. The product analyses not only malicious code but behaviours and can tell organisations, with some degree of accuracy, when something is going to go wrong with their security because there are patterns that can be recognised.

There are numerous advantages. The security analyst doesn’t have to look at every alert when only one or two are accompanied by actual suspicious behaviour. The investigator has a massive amount of data to back up the triage of anomalies. The business owner has reassurance about what’s going on on his or her network.

Coupled with S3’s storage solutions, which lend themselves to in depth analytics in real time, this is an offering that will ensure information is always there when needed with high availability – and now with heightened security as well.

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