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Big Data in the public sector

Big Data in the public sector

Posted: 20/08/18 | 0

The public sector has a number of distinctive points that separate it from private business. It generally has less money and is accountable for all of it to every individual paying into the tax system; it is rightly awash with rules on confidentiality and its data points overlap.

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Is your data OK for self-defence?

Is your data OK for self-defence?

Posted: 23/07/18 | 0

The classic picture of the martial arts expert from a 1970s film is of the small guy advanced upon by heavies, who can clearly make mincemeat of him very quickly. He then (and in the 1970s it would have been “he”) pulverises them because he has mastered the art of turning an enemy’s strength against him.

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How quickly can data work for you

How quickly can data work for you?

Posted: 13/07/18 | 0

By now, most IT professionals have seen and understood the potential benefits of Big Data. The problem often is the time it takes to get to the value that is apparently on offer. This is possibly truer in the public sector than anywhere else, where strictures on how data may be used are rightly robust.

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Sharing sounds easier than it is

Sharing sounds easier than it is

Posted: 06/07/18 | 0

A lot of commentators over the last decade have suggested that collaboration and sharing make life a lot easier. To a very large extent this is quite right, but the technologies and governance behind making it happen can be daunting.

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How difficult is real time?

How difficult is real time?

Posted: 27/06/18 | 0

To people who don’t understand computing, it seems easy. Everything is bound to happen in real time, it’s computing and it’s all connected, right?

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Las Vegas S3 Events

Viva Las Vegas: Dell Technologies World 2018

Posted: 30/05/18 | 0

How would I describe Dell Technologies World 2018? A slick, friendly, incredibly well organised learning experience, 11 out of 10!

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GDPR will take away the hiding place

GDPR will take away the hiding place

Posted: 27/02/18 | 0

Stories about data being exposed unlawfully are all too common. Or are they not common enough? That might sound like an odd question but not all significant data breaches are reported in the media.

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Will your technology hamstring your GDPR compliance?

Will your technology hamstring your GDPR compliance?

Posted: 27/02/18 | 0

Technology professionals sometimes bemoan their perceived role as compliance agents, but compliance can be very important.

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Flash Storage

What is Flash and Why is it Increasingly Becoming More Popular?

Posted: 12/04/16 | 0

Flash storage is any type of data or storage system that uses flash memory. Flash memory is a kind of memory that retains data in the absence of a power supply, basically unlike other forms of storage flash can retain information when the power is switched off.

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Is Tape Dead?

Is Tape Dead?

Posted: 21/03/16 | 0

A common question asked these days is, is tape back-up on its way out? With the introduction of Flash and SSD storage, and most recently Cloud based technologies, it does raise the question of is there still a use for the classic tape.

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