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GDPR will take away the hiding place

GDPR will take away the hiding place

Posted: 27/02/18 | 0

Stories about data being exposed unlawfully are all too common. Or are they not common enough? That might sound like an odd question but not all significant data breaches are reported in the media.

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Will your technology hamstring your GDPR compliance?

Will your technology hamstring your GDPR compliance?

Posted: 27/02/18 | 0

Technology professionals sometimes bemoan their perceived role as compliance agents, but compliance can be very important.

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Flash Storage

What is Flash and Why is it Increasingly Becoming More Popular?

Posted: 12/04/16 | 0

Flash storage is any type of data or storage system that uses flash memory. Flash memory is a kind of memory that retains data in the absence of a power supply, basically unlike other forms of storage flash can retain information when the power is switched off.

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Is Tape Dead?

Is Tape Dead?

Posted: 21/03/16 | 0

A common question asked these days is, is tape back-up on its way out? With the introduction of Flash and SSD storage, and most recently Cloud based technologies, it does raise the question of is there still a use for the classic tape.

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