Operating from their head office in Newmarket, Suffolk, Beovax have over 20 years in business. From a humble start servicing Vax computer systems the company has developed and grown employing 40 staff in Newmarket, Erskine and Guernsey.

Beovax now provide IT solutions and Support Services to the mid-market and enterprise sector throughout the UK, constantly expanding its product portfolio. Their accreditations and credentials underpin their ability to provide excellence and value to their customers. As a HP Gold Partner, Microsoft Gold Partner and VMware Enterprise Partner they have the necessary partnerships to provide the most complex and challenging solutions at a very competitive price.



Virtualisation is now a key technology which has many advantages over systems operating in a physical environment. Running many servers and applications on one platform reduces hardware cost and improved energy efficiency. On larger SAN Storage based solutions customers can take advantage of enhanced business continuity and disaster recovery.

As VMware Enterprise Partners they can offer advice and deliver complex virtualisation projects. They also upgrade and support existing platforms, giving their customers the confidence that their IT infrastructure will deliver excellent performance and return on investment. They have many examples of migrating Mid-market and Enterprise customers from sprawling server estates to highly consolidated, converged platforms offering high performance but reduced infrastructure and power savings.

To retain their status as a VMware Enterprise Partner, Beovax are committed to retain a number of VMware Certified Professionals (VCP's) along with VMware Sales Professionals. Their credentials and expertise conveys confidence to their customers that Beovax can deliver regardless of scale or complexity.

Beovax offers comprehensive support contracts which reflect the customer’s specific requirements alongside mandatory VMware maintenance. When problems occurs they will intervene remotely and if required interface directly with VMware on behalf of the customer.


Support Services

Beovax offers a comprehensive portfolio of support services to ensure stability, reliability and maximum return on investment. They can maintain complex leading-edge systems from Mid-size to the Enterprise. Their engineers are fully trained to ensure they have the expertise to resolve any issues promptly and efficiently.

Broadly speaking they divide support into two groups; software and hardware. Software encompasses Windows operating systems, services and applications. Hardware encompasses servers, storage, workstations, switches, printers and other physical devices. To provide efficient and prompt rectification of faulty hardware, they generally retain a spare replacement unit in their warehouse. In the event of a critical or complex problem they can replace the entire unit saving valuable diagnostic and repair time.

In today's dynamic IT environment flexibility is vital, so naturally they offer maintenance contracts based on the customers particular requirements whether just hardware or software or more commonly both. The customer’s specific requirements are detailed in a comprehensive maintenance contract giving customer’s confidence that their IT system is fully supported.

Please note that they also support and upgrade very old or obsolete hardware such as DEC Alpha on a contractual basis. Their warehouse has a large stock of service spares allowing them to continue supporting equipment that other vendors now refuse to cover.



As an HP Gold Partner they are better placed to advise on the purchase of new or additional hardware. They chose to partner with HP as they believe that HP offer the most innovative IT solutions along with a very comprehensive product portfolio. Access to HP pre-sale services along with extremely advantageous pricing means we can offer value along with a quality service.

Beovax offer a very wide range of products which are suitable to all businesses and environments. They also offer hardware from other "best of breed" manufacturers where specialist solutions are required.

They pride themselves on providing a complete and comprehensive solution to their customers which has been technically qualified by their expert consultants. Starting from an initial consultation they build a product list specific to the customer requirements which rapidly evolves into a complete system.

Solutions can be built and configured in our workshops ready for customer configuration. Alternatively we can despatch equipment directly to site for their engineers to configure and install in racks along with all the required cabling and interconnectivity.


Hosted Services

With so many vendors offering Cloud Services it’s easy to get confused about off-site solutions.

Put simply, Beovax can migrate your existing IT services and applications into one of our secure, fully redundant, state of the art data centres. This releases resources within your organisation from the day to day management of IT systems and allows you to concentrate on what you do best; running your business.

No more capital expenditure on costly IT equipment, no more sleepless nights from failed backups, disaster recovery, system failures or any of the many problems that an IT department, large or small have to deal with on a daily basis. Costs can flex up and down so that you will only paying for the actual resources required.

They have two data centres in operation, one in Cambridge and one located in Guernsey. Guernsey may be of particular interest to e-gaming customers or those with a financial or other business requirement to host systems offshore.

In summary Beovax offer a complete cloud solution which is tailored to the customer specific requirements. Our advantage is they aren't constrained or tied to particular technologies and therefore can satisfy any hosted requirement.

Their hosting facilities offer the following benefits:

  • Scalable from mid-market to Enterprise
  • Flexible so new users or applications can be quickly added
  • Access for all – everywhere
  • Bespoke applications can be migrated to the cloud
  • Single point of contact for support
  • Resilient HP Blade/VMware platform
  • Scalability – additional services , storage and users can easily added
  • Never have to upgrade Microsoft software – latest version always available
  • Full and comprehensive backup's replicated off site daily
  • Monthly payment plans which can include installation costs
  • Reduced on-site electricity costs
  • Unlike other vendors we can offer bespoke cloud solutions designed specifically to the customer’s specification


Beovax have been Microsoft Gold Partners for many years allowing them to professionally support and advise their customers. They have recently specialised in the Server Platform as a Gold Partner Competency to reflect their status as a solution provider to the Mid-Market and Enterprise.

Their expertise is broad, encompassing skills in Microsoft core technologies such as Exchange, SQL, SharePoint, System Centre Operations Manager and all Client/Server operating systems.

Their engineers hold a myriad of current Microsoft Certifications to ensure that we have the necessary skills to install, configure and support today’s complex architecture.

Their Sales staff also have the necessary Microsoft credentials to advise on licencing which can be confusing and complicated. They formulate and explain their quotes in a straight forward manner so that the customer can easily understand the products and associated costs.



The Beovax consultancy team can design and deliver complex leading edge enterprise solutions. Their highly trained and accredited staff can assist with a myriad of services including network design, security, hardware specification, VMware virtualisation and Microsoft technologies. They can help solve particular issues within an existing infrastructure, or deliver a complete end to end solution.

They can scale up from assisting in-house IT departments with upgrades to providing a complex, fully serviced Enterprise system. Working with a Technical Account Manager, the consultant will work with the customer to provide initial costs along with a clear assessment on requirements including timescales, products and associated technologies.

To ensure complete transparency, projects are fully documented from the outset ensuring that the client has a detailed understanding of project delivery, base configuration and key milestones.

On larger solutions they allocate a Project Manager to interface directly with the customer.