Tintri challenges convention – we battle the ‘storage quo’

Tintri’s VMstore product takes a completely different approach to address the underlying root causes of storage pain.

Companies have embraced virtualisation – more than 75% of applications are now virtualised. While conventional storage resists that change and forces companies to work in archaic LUNs and volumes, Tintri is the ONLY storage system that uses the virtual machine as the unit of management.

That means you can do things with Tintri that you simply cannot do with conventional storage, including:
  • Assign every individual VM its own Quality of Service ‘lane’ (no sequential, first-in-first-out requests) to guarantee top performance
  • View the root cause of latency for an individual VM across your entire infrastructure – compute, host and storage – to prevent finger-pointing
  • Replicate individual VMs (not bulky LUNs and volumes) to reduce WAN usage by up to 95%
  • Manage mixed workloads across all three major hypervisors (RHEV, vSphere, Hyper-V) from a single VMstore

Since Tintri is specifically built for virtualised environments, they offer unmatched VM density and a cost-per-VM that is 80% less than conventional storage. A single Tintri VMstore T880 offers 100TB of effective capacity, room for 3,500 VMs, at 140K IOPS – in just 4U.

VM level storage management has been proven to deliver 6x faster performance and demand 52x less administration time than conventional storage. That’s why Tintri’s customers include 6 of the Fortune 15, and thought leaders like AMD, General Electric and the Department of Defence. Challenge the ‘storage quo’ with Tintri.

Tintri Product Descriptions


Tintri VMstore is smart storage. Rather than force users to interact with dumb LUNs and volumes, VMstore uses individual VMs as the unit of management. What’s the big deal? That level of granularity and control transforms data centres – speeding performance 6x, reducing management time 60x and shrinking your storage footprint by 10x.

Differentiating capabilities include:

  • Performance isolation. Every single VM gets its own ‘lane’ so performance is predictably fast with no noisy neighbours and no I/O traffic jams.
  • Cross-infrastructure latency visualisation. See latency for every VM across host, network and storage. No guesswork and no finger-pointing.
  • Multi-hypervisor. Handle hundreds of workloads across all three major hypervisors (RHEV, Hyper-V, vSphere) on a single VMstore.

Tintri Global Center

Tintri Global Center lets you manage 32 VMstores – that’s 3.2PB of capacity, 112,000 VMs and 4.5M IOPS – from a single pane of glass. Take total control of your VM footprint:

  • Manage geographically dispersed VMs from a central location
  • Monitor multiple VMstores as a single cluster with no (costly) clustering technology
  • Surface alerts and key metrics for individual VMstores and in aggregate
  • Apply consistent policies for data protection across VMstore systems


Tintri ReplicateVM can be added to your VMstore footprint to let you replicate, protect and recover with ease. Rather than require LUN-level replication, Tintri lets you apply policy and replicate at the VM-level, so you use your WAN up to 95% more efficiently:

  • Select and protect VMs using one-to-one, bi-directional and many-to-one topologies
  • Host VMs in one data center while providing protection and data recovery for VMs in remote VMstore systems
  • Set replication point right down to the individual VM level


Tintri SecureVM can be added to your VMstore footprint for elegant encryption:

  • Built in key rotation – changing keys takes a single click
  • Zero performance penalty – SecureVM encryption does not impact space or performance
  • Simple configuration – dead easy and part of your VMstore dashboard

vSphere Web Client

The Tintri vSphere Web Client Plugin extends other Tintri storage benefits to vCenter. Native integration with VMware infrastructure allows administrators to leverage VM-level snapshots, clones, and replication, from the vCenter interface. It’s part of our commitment to simplifying day-to-day management of large virtual environments and to challenging the storage quo.